Our workshops are a platform for us to share our knowledge in an interactive and engaging method.  We offer a variety of workshops including design, illustration and construction for people of all backgrounds, including children. Get in touch for a personalised group session or sign up to stay updated on all our events. 

A 5 day Children’s Workshop that aims to introduce children to the world of visual communication through illustrated journaling, map making and storyboarding. 

  • Sunday, 29th April 2018 | 11AM-12:30PM
  • Cubbon Park, Bangalore

When was the last time you had the opportunity to reminisce over the personal memories you share with this wonderful city? Whether you are an old-time Bangalorean or a recent resident of Namma Bengaluru, this is the chance for you to capture your fondest locations on a map of the city illustrated by you! 

  • Saturday, 24th March 2018 | 10AM-5PM
  • BACK to BASICS studio, Bangalore

If you are a map lover, traveller, storytelling enthusiast, blogger, or someone who just wants to explore a fun visual communication style, this class is for you. This is NOT a technical or professional cartography class, but focuses on creative expression and storytelling through mapping.

  • Saturday, 24th Feb 2018 | 10AM-5PM
  • BACK to BASICS studio, Bangalore

Illustrated Journaling is for anyone wanting to explore their creative side through sketching. This workshop aims to give you the basic skills, tools and techniques to capture your memories of everyday life, travels, observations and ideas in a quick and unique way.