Begin with simplicity- of communication, design and problem solving 

Listen to and respect client needs

Understand their perspectives and honour their opinions 

Work in all honesty and transparency 

Discuss every project detail and facilitate decision making 

Keep all concerned in the loop and adhere to schedules 

Don’t impose solutions, but build on client ideas  

Resolve complex problems with creativity and team work

Find successful designs in thoughtful details

Focus on core function and objective while visualising solutions

Be conscious and respectful of people and place

Value relationships by building trust and credibility 

Make the client experience a memorable one

Partner and collaborate with others to provide expert solutions 

Be accountable for your actions, and don’t be afraid to say ‘I don’t know’

Pass on your knowledge and learn from one another 

Be helpful and kind; strive to make a positive impact 

Try to make a difference in someone’s life 

Value time and make each day count

Work with humility and work hard

Stay calm and stay true to yourself

Constantly seek inspiration 

Constantly find beauty in simplicity 

Create a path that leads back to basics