Yasif and Noorain are Architecture graduates from Manipal Institute of Technology. They enjoy connecting and engaging with people, and love seeing ideas come to life. They draw inspiration from the diversity of cultures, environments and people they’ve encountered during their travels. 

Yasif  heads the Design and Build component of BACK to BASICS, which includes design, construction management and execution at site. His designs are focused on neat, simple and cost-effective solutions. His skilful management and high quality execution is an outcome of working on a variety of projects, including schools, homes, hospitals and commercial buildings. Yasif’s keen eye for detail feed into his interest of paying attention to both the visible, and invisible components of a project. At heart, he’s a facts and figures geek, which complements his love for finding simple solutions for seemingly complex challenges. His other passions include barbequing with family, listening to the waves, and relaxing in the mountains.


Noorain heads all things creative at BACK to BASICS, including design, product development and illustration. She’s a university gold medalist who has worked and taught in a variety of fields including visual arts, architecture and community development. A humanitarian at heart, her projects have focused on transitional housing solutions, low-cost homes, and human centered design. As an environmentally conscious individual, she consistently addresses aspects of ecology and climate in all their designs. An illustrator inspired by the simple joys of life, her illustrations often have a story to tell, a process to decipher, a culture to reveal or a thought to ponder over. Her ideal day includes listening to the birds, walking in nature, journaling in the outdoors and staring at a sky full of stars.