The Fabulous Life of Everyday Things

  • Saturday, 2nd Nov, 2019 | 3PM-5PM
  • The Courtyard, Double Road, Bengaluru


That vintage watch on your wrist, the hand-me-down bag, the favourite jacket from a second hand flea market or the chipped cup that now holds a plant, have you ever paused to wonder about the journeys of these objects that you now hold in your hand? How did they reach you? Where did they come from? How were they created? and where will they go next? join us in a reflective illustration session where we will trace the journeys of theses seemingly mundane objects, unravelling their mysteries and celebrating their very presence in our life. 


  • All participants would be required to choose an object of interest 
  • We will begin by exploring the pen and ink medium. Brushing up basic drawing skills and learning simple techniques on how to depict objects, processes and ideas 
  • Furthermore with step by step prompts, participants will uncover and decode the life journey of the chosen object (both written and drawn) 
  • You will leave with a hand drawn short story that celebrates the life of an everyday object that is dear to you 

Our workshops are a platform for us to share our knowledge and spread the spirit of joyful appreciation of the little things in life. These workshops are intended to provide one with the opportunity to pause, notice, and appreciate the habitual things that we do, the people that we meet, the food that we eat, tracing the journeys of the seemingly mundane. A celebration of life as we know it. 

Registration fee: Rs. 500/person 
Inclusive of all materials 

Open to Ages 12+ | No prior drawing skills required