Illustrated Journaling

  • Saturday, 24th August 2019 | 10AM-5PM
  • BACK to BASICS studio, Bangalore

A part of the Visual Storytelling workshops, Illustrated Journaling is for anyone wanting to explore their creative side through sketching. This workshop aims to give you the basic skills, tools and techniques to capture your memories of everyday life, travels, observations and ideas in a quick and unique way. We will:

  • Introduce simple ways to depict everyday things
  • Explore techniques on bringing depth and life to your sketches
  • Learn basic pen & ink techniques
  • Experiment with layout and visual composition
  • Break down the essential components of storytelling


  • Anyone looking to explore a more personal way to capture their experiences & thoughts
  • Someone who has always wanted to learn basic drawing but just couldn’t get past chapter 1 of teach yourself how to draw
  • Ages 16+
  • No prior knowledge of drawing is required

Our Illustration workshops are a platform for us to share our knowledge and spread the spirit of joyful appreciation of the little things in life. These workshops are intended to provide one with the opportunity to pause, notice and appreciate the habitual things that we do, the people that we meet, the food that we eat, tracing the journeys of the seemingly mundane. A celebration of life as we know it!

Registration fee: Rs.1700/person 
Inclusive of all materials + worksheets + a simple vegetarian lunch + snacks +Tea