Lets make MAPS!

  • Saturday, 24th March 2018 | 10AM-5PM​
  • BACK to BASICS studio, Bangalore

If you are a map lover, traveller, storytelling enthusiast, blogger, or someone who just wants to explore a fun visual communication style, this class if for you. This is not a technical or professional cartography class, but focuses more on creative expression and storytelling through mapping. No proficient drawing skills required!

Maps just aren’t a way to navigate, but can be used to capture your travels, memories, everyday routines, favourite places to eat, shop and much much more. Lets make MAPS! intends to introduce and explore different scales, styles & formats of map making that you can use.

During the course of the entire day, we will create four maps. 
Three of these will be common to all participants and are intended to be more exploratory and quick, introducing you to at least 3 different scales, styles & formats of map making. 
The fourth will be a map of your choice- wherein we will guide you through the theme & style. This will be a chance for you to make a personal map based on your learnings of the first session. We intend for these maps to be more thought out and articulated, working towards a specific final outcome defined by you.

(1) The basic process of Map Making from concept & ideas to a final piece of work
(2) Simple drawing techniques used to create hand drawn maps (for those who are not confident of their drawing skills)
(3) Exposure to more articulated drawing and representation techniques (for those who are already comfortable and confident with their sketching ability) 
(4) Simple ways to digitalise your maps for sharing with the whole world!

Registration fee: Rs.1600/person 
Inclusive of all materials + worksheets + a simple vegetarian lunch + snacks +Tea

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